Our Philosophy of Ministry

Ministry” simple means “serving God and one another”. At Grace Christian Center, we want you to find life in the presence of God, learning to live every aspect of your daily life in Him. Grace is a place to serve him by participating in various services and ministry teams. We encourage you to serve in the church, but mostly our goal is to equip you to serve your family, your place of business, your community…wherever you live! We believe the scriptures teach that joining ourselves to a local body of Christ, a church, is God’s best for growing in our faith and learning the joy of serving others.
Here at Grace Christian Center you will find a variety of ways to enjoy the fellowship of believers. We believe that everyone has gifts with which to serve others. We are called by God to specific functions within the body of Christ and to the world in which God has given us places to serve. Our mission is “Helping each other to experience the joyous life of God”.
Please ask for our “Ministry Evaluation Survey” to help you explore your interests and ministry gifts so we may assist you in finding the joy of serving others. We have several active ministries as explained under the 'Ministries' tab; we actively seek to help leaders start up new ministries both within our church and the world.